Sunday, May 1, 2011


Distance 16.5km [total: minimalist 136.5km: Barefoot 1320.5km] Week 17

Monday, 25-Apr. 6km
The irritation was back, just between the smallest toe and the next one and about 1cm back onto the pad. I think it may be just a callous that I've rubbed a bit hard during the run.

Tuesday, 26-Apr. 6km
On the Tuesday I went for a run in the afternoon, giving the ground a bit of time to warm up. Once again I did a short 6km and was aware of the irritation underfoot. I gave the foot a soak in warm salty water during the evening.

Wednesday. 27-Apr. 0km
It seems to be feeling better now, still there in the background but diminished. It looks like I did need a bit more rest after the run.
I should be fine for Sunday 1st of May which is more than can be said for the weather forecast which is telling of cold and rain. Earlier in the week it was going to be warm and rainy but now they have subtracted about 5C from the top temperature.
My IBRD t-shirt arrived so I can look the part on Sunday.

Sunday, 1-May. 4km
Well, it has arrived, International Barefoot Running Day (IBRD) the first attempt at getting everyone out for a barefoot run on the same day.
The forecast was not looking good over the weekend, the rain started on the Friday night and went into Saturday morning  but then cleared and just left grey cloud.
Would the rain hold off for Sunday was the question I had on my mind as I went to bed on Saturday night. The answer came on Sunday morning, no, it was pouring down. Maybe it would ease off and stop by 10am I hoped.
I got a call from a friend of mine who said he was at the meeting place early, I threw some gear into a bag and set off for Grange.
The rain was coming down quite hard, the cars wipers were going and I had my headlights on. I parked up in the car park near the cafe. The rain was coming down steadily. I saw my friend getting out of his car and we looked around for some shelter. There was a plastic sun shade on the grass by the beach so we headed over there and waited to see if any others would turn up.
Shortly after David turned up with some VFF's, he was still fairly new to barefoot/minimalist running and was trying to get a feel for it. A little later Andrew and another Andrew turned up, one rather bravely cycling the 13km from the city in the pouring rain.
More people started to show up shoeless and I thought wow, news must have travelled further, around 10 others were now sheltering under the roof. But, no, they were not here for the IBRD they were just there for soccer training on the beach.
After introductions and a bit of background information swapping we all agreed that we could cope with the 2km of road run and 2km of beach.
It was actually very enjoyable running through the rain and puddles, it wasn't cold, it was around 16C and by the time we got to Henley the rain has eased off. Everyone got there in one piece without any injuries.
A brief rest there then onto the different surface of the beach. The tide was out and it felt great running up the beach in a group.
 Chris, David, Neil and Andrew on IBRD Grange looking wet

Chris, David, Andrew and Andrew IBRD 4km Run

All 5 of us made it back in one piece, there may be the odd stiff calf next week but all enjoyed it and we rewarded ourself with a coffee at the local cafe before heading home.

Thursday:  I fitted in a quick 8km run along the beach as it would be the last of the good weather before the rain came in over the weekend. Foot felt fine after, the irritation has abated.


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