Saturday, April 9, 2011

Deadlift Run killer

 Distance 33km [total: minimalist 136.5km: Barefoot 1240.5km] Week 14

Monday, 4-Apr. 4.5km
A short beach run at high tide. Hard to get any speed up as I had to run in the water for most of the way. The sand was either soft and dry or wet and squelchy. I got up some better speed on the way back and felt quite fast, I managed a time of about 10:40m on the way back.
Now we are back on standard time darkness arrives at 6.30pm. The sun was still up during the run but began to sink below the horizon at just after 6pm.

Wednesday, 6-Apr. 0km
A gym workout today that, as I was to find out later, would leave my legs sore for the next 3 days.
It was all caused by some hamstring deadlifts. It is not as if they were even heavy, I only lifted 25kg and did 3 sets of 10. That is just lifting the weight off the floor, keeping the legs slightly bent, straighten up, then replace the weight back to its original position.

Thursday, 7-Apr. 10.5km
A nice warm evening, not many of these left before we head into winter. I decided to run around the lake at West Lakes, then depending on how I felt I would extend the run by running around the island.
My hamstrings were starting to stiffen due to the weights yesterday but it was still manageable to run. I hoped the running would ease the stiffness.... it didn't.
I did notice my form deteriorating because I wasn't pulling the foot from the ground with the right timing. I still managed to run 10.5km.

Friday, 8-Apr. 6km
My Achilles tendons were a bit stiff today, another consequence of the run yesterday and the sore, half working hamstrings. There would be no running home from work tonight.
I went on a shorter 6km run. The beach was impossible, the soft sand was too hard with stiff tendons so I ran along the road in both directions. The stiffness is still hanging around, unbelievable!

Saturday, 9-Apr. 12km
A change in the weather. From yesterdays sunny hot 30C a weather front has moved in. I decided to get out before the bulk of the rain arrived.
Tendons and hamstrings still sore with the bonus of a mosquito biting me on the Achilles that has left a big itching spot.
I shortened my run today to just 12km as the rain was close by and it would be hard to gauge how wet I would get. It started on the return leg but it wasn't that heavy.
I gave the lower legs a soak in the water after the run.
I am hoping that this is going to be the last day of hamstring soreness and I can get back to good running form. I'll be a bit more careful next time.



  1. Hahaaaha! I'm not snickering at your soreness I'm just happy to hear that my misery has company. My workovers are killing me. :-)

  2. It's tough trying to balance workouts with running. Maybe I should just do upper body workouts and let the legs take care of themselves.
    It seems like each time I do some leg exercises such as the deadlifts or the lunges it alters my running form and I end up with soreness.