Sunday, April 3, 2011

Active day

Distance 40.8km [total: minimalist 136.5km: Barefoot 1207.5km] Week 13

A good week of running, no aches or pains these days, in fact I don't need to even chill out in the water to keep my tendons from aching in the morning, that stopped around 6 months ago.
It means either one of two things, either my running form is correct now and I don't put any strain on my tendons or else they have strengthened sufficiently to take the strain.
Tuesday, 29-Mar. 6km
I put in a short 6km run along the beach, a nice warm autumn evening, probably one of the last of the season as from next week we come of daylight saving and gain an hour and so it gets darker in the evening and lighter in the morning. 

Thursday, 31-Mar. 13.3km

I had a 4km run with a friend along beach then a second run after around the lake, a total concrete surface run, I put in another 9.3km, it was starting to get dark by the time I finished.
Isn't it amazing that you can run around a course totally unscathed then the one moment you haven't got your eyes on the path in front of you there is something there ready to give you a jolt. I was about 1km from the car running along a concrete path by the road, up ahead a bush is blocking the path, as I push past it I sink my heel onto a sharp stone oooouch. Can't let the people driving along the road see any indication of pain so carry on regardless.
It was nothing serious, by the time I got to my car the pain had faded off.

Saturday, 2-Apr. 15km
I was a bit late out on the beach today due to an urgently needed haircut.
Hey it worked, I became more aerodynamic and recorded a better time. I put in about 15km today. There was a bit of a chilly wind on the way back, I shortened my stride and picked up my cadence and motored along.
On the outbound I recorded 48:40m for 7.5km but that included a 5 minute chat with a woman barefoot runner who was going at quite an impressive speed. I mentioned she should look up BRS on the net and about IBRD on 1st May.
On the way back I recorded 47:21m with my shorter stride and slightly higher cadence.

Sunday, 3-Apr. 6.5km

With an extra hour up my sleeve from the return to standard day time I went for a morning run around West Lakes at 8am (9am old time).
It felt better to have the sun up for an extra hour to warm up the concrete I will admit, but the evening will close in fast now, 6.30pm and it will be getting dark.
It took me a while to get going this morning, at least a couple of kilometres before I lost the sensitivity in my soles.
It doesn't bother me too much as I know at some point on the run I will get the right feeling, so as always the best way to start off is slow and short steps.
By the end of the run I was almost on a full sprint and full of beans again. I only did a short 6.5km and was finished by 8.40am.

I still had some energy left so got the bike out and cycled to the gym and did a workout for 80 minutes and cycled back again.

I'm making an effort to get through a couple of books a friend has lent to me to do with nutrition and sport. I've almost competed one and was probably a little harsh on it Stu Mittleman's Slow Burn, how to turn you body into a fat burner rather than sugar burner.
There is an amount of writing about Muscle Testing which sounds like pseudo science and the information on running technique is quite wrong. I am amazed he was an ultra distance runner and not had knee problems if he ran in the style he advocated.
The other book is Green for Life, I have only just started this one so cannot form any conclusions yet.


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