Sunday, April 12, 2015

Evening closes in again

Distance 38.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 7227.8km] Week4 (6th - 12th Apr)

The running is feeling good again. The back rehab is going well, it's not perfect but it is getting there.
Monday was a day off for Easter break. Far from being a day of warm autumn weather, the rain came down and strong winds whipped the trees back and forth, snapping the shrub outside my flat so now there is one remaining piece that can be salvaged.
The weather improved by mid week and on Wednesday I did a good 12km run from Grange to Barcoo. I am now back to finishing the run in dusk, a small amount of light remaining.
I had a bit of a run against a guy who I saw at the boat ramp. I thought I could catch him easily but he did put up a fight and I couldn't gain ground on him. I think if he had carried on for another few kilometres then I would have worn him down.
Thursday saw me on a short easy 5km run around the lower part of the lake and it's little artificial canals. I kept a more careful look out for discarded fish hooks this time around. They would be quite difficult to spot though.
Saturday was my low calorie day so I got up and missed out on breakfast and went for my run instead. The weather was just perfect, part sunny and about 20C. The tide was out and lots of sand to run on. It takes some adjustment to run with no carbohydrate fuel. You have to start slowly and keep to a pace that is going to use fat as the fuel which means a pace midway in the aerobic band. Even so it takes around 6km before I lose the hungry, weak feeling and start to liven up. I ran 13km from Grange to Semaphore. For lunch I had a small serving of oats, milk and half an apple. Then at the end of the day scrambled egg and tomato.
Sunday, back to eating as a normal day. I woke up and had some breakfast  then shortly after there was a power outage that lasted a good part of the day. The power company was replacing insulators on the power poles and it didn't look like a quick job. Lucky I'd just finished my tea and toast.
We had some early morning rain but by the time I got to the lake it had mostly dried. A good run today, I felt like I had plenty of energy. The low cal days seem to give the body a bit of a kick the following day. I did the 8.2km run putting in some good sustained bursts. My t-shirt was soaked by the time I got back. I have to bring a spare for my gym visit or I'd probably get banned.
At the gym I did some chins, bench press, light deadlifts, sit ups followed by lots of stretching.
A good morning of exercise. 


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