Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Year

Distance 72.4km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 7072.6km] Week4 (1st - 31st Jan)

Interesting, I think I have lost a posting over the month so I'm going to have to try to do a recall of some of the runs I have been on over the month.
I will have to work backwards from today.

Sun (1st Feb)
Barefoot runners meet which had myself, David and Michael getting together at Henley Beach for a 6km run along the foreshore then back along the beach. The weather on this first day of February was uncharacteristically cold 

Well, today was perfect running weather, around 20C with a moderate southerly blowing when I got to the beach. I did have the idea of running from Grange to Glenelg but shortened it to Barcoo boat ramp as I was hungry and stiff. Today (Sat 31st) I ran 12km. I missed out on my breakfast and ran on an empty stomach as I wanted to get out before the sun got too strong. My legs, glutes and hamstrings were still recovering from a gym session on Thursday so my running power was compromised. I ran 6km then felt a bit wobbly due to lack of food so I turned around and ran back. The outbound run was part along the beach then I went onto the path. Many many runners out today, big groups as well, all good to see.
Wednesday (28th) Another 12km run from Grange to Barcoo, half on the beach and half on the road. It was a late run to let the ground cool off, I went out at 7:30pm and the sun had set by the time I had got back.
One mistake I made was to have a drink of electrolyte formula before I went, I then had to run with a full feeling in my stomach. I think next time I shall have the drink after I finish the run.
Monday (26th) Australia Day.
The national public holiday brought many people onto the beach to play beach cricket and walk.
Today's run was a shorter 7km.
Sun (17th) My regular route around West Lakes that takes me around the lake in a clockwise direction. 
Wed (14th) A 12km run from Grange to the boat ramp at Barcoo Road. Even though the day was of moderate mid 20's temperature the bitumen was still warmer than I would like on the stretch of path from the holiday park to the boat ramp.
Mon (12th) 7km  We had some rain from a weather front that had pushed down from the tropical north. I like running in the summer rain and although I managed to get through most of the run without a downpour it started light but gradually got heavier as I was getting towards the end of the run. Around 10 minutes after getting into my car the rain really came down and I just lay back in my car seat and relaxed, listening the the pounding rain and wind blowing outside.

Sun (11th). A 8.2km lake run with a thrown in Triathlon 3/4 of the way around. I could give a good burst of speed over a short distance to give the impression I could keep this up for an extended time. As soon as I get of the course, I can relax and slow down again.


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