Sunday, March 16, 2014

Easy week

Distance 17.5km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 5959.9km] Week11

Thursday, 13-Mar. 9km

The wind is back as I run down to West Beach, not too strong but blowy enough. The run was good on the way down but I must have pushed it a bit hard on the way down trying to keep up with a guy who passed me around halfway down, a fruitless effort on  my part and all I managed to do was make my ankle sore. It started to ache on the way back so I did a bit of a stint on the sand but that was very soft and the tide was high and it only made it worse so I resorted to walking the last 1.5km.

Sunday, 16-Mar. 5km + 3.5km

First taste of a bit of wintery weather overnight, rain and wind as I went off to sleep. In the morning it was cool and breezy as I drove across the city to meet up with David and Cathy for a run along the river course. It began raining quite heavily in the car as I drove to the meeting spot but then, the sun shines on the barefoot runners and it was all fine again. The ground felt cold with the wet surfaces but the feet soon warmed up. We had a good run, David is getting faster these days I noticed. We had a variety of surfaces to run on, the bitumen, paving and soft green grass of the parklands, that was the best. Runners with shoes on just don't know what they are missing, running barefoot through soft wet green grass is fantasticly soothing.
After the run we headed to the deli for a coffee.
As I prepared dinner later that day my only onion I had disintegrated a long time ago. I could drive to the shops before they close in 30 minutes but why should I do that when I have a good pair of feet to take me there. I put the shorts on again and did a barefoot run there and back for my onion and saved the planet a bit of petrol usage.


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