Monday, December 16, 2013

Almost Christmas

Distance 47.7km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 5539.1km] Week51

Monday, 9-Dec-13. 10.5km

Wow what a run today, the wind was the strongest I have run in for a while. I could see the trees and bushes swaying before I even got to the beach, that is always a sign that it will be far worse at the beach.
The wind wasn't a southerly but more a west wind so it was blowing on my right side on the outbound leg and on the other side coming home. The wind speed was measured at 46km/h.
Sand was being whipped up and stung my legs but was not much of a problem otherwise. As I approached West Beach surf club the path runs alongside some higher dunes, this is where it was interesting. From a distance it looked like mist but as I approached, sand filled the air. I squeezed my eyes behind my sunglasses to stop the sand getting in my eyes. That didn't stop it getting in my mouth, ears, hair. It stuck to the sweat on my forehead.
I reched the halfway point, turned around and had to run through it again.
It was great to have a shower later and was the sand from my hair, it took another few days to get it out of my ears.

Thursday, 12-Dec-13. 10.5km

I had a work related meeting after work, just a get together with a supplier for a few drinks and food. As I was in the car I didn't drink and I also hoped to go for a run later. I got home at around 6pm and felt pretty hungry so had a light dinner of scrambled eggs. I then found I was in the same situation as last week when I ate before the run, it sat in my stomach and made my running very uncomfortable. It got better by the end of the run but it was a bit late by then.

Saturday, 14-Dec-13. 18.5km

A rare day without a strong wind blowing so I managed to put in a few extra kilometres by running from Henley jetty to Semaphore jetty. It took me a while as I went at a relaxed pace. I did manage to get some chaffing on the legs which was an annoyance. I didn't feel tired or anything after the run and even managed to go to a birthday party and got back home at past midnight, how is that for stamina!

Sunday, 15-Dec-13. 8.2km

After my late night yesterday it was tough getting up to go for an early run, I eventually got to the lake at 9.30am and did my loop in near perfect conditions. The weather is gradually warming up and should hit highs later next week.
Only one week until the Christmas holiday kicks off and I can get some swimming in to diversify a bit of my physical exercise.


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