Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stiff week

Distance 19.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 5405.5km] Week48

Thursday, 21-Nov. 11km

I must have run a bit harder than I thought in Sunday's race as my calves were stiff during the week. It was probably the second half of the race where I was reeling people in bit by bit. The first half was relatively relaxed as I warmed up.
So I rested for the earlier part of the week, no point going out there with fragile legs. WhenI get down to the beach on Thursday the familiar wind is blowing from the south. The temperatures are down at around 20C due to the southerly. The beach was maily empty except for the parasailors riding the waves with their wings pulling them high above the waves at times.
Felt a little tired today after being seated all day at work. I prefer calm windless days where I can regulate my running speed without having it push me back. Again I did the last 2km on the beach, running fast with the tailwind. I soaked my calves for a while under the jetty before the strong winds forced me off the beach. I almost got cramp in my calf or so it seemed after giving them a cooling dip, I managed to ward it off but it did feel a bit scary, like something was about to go "ping".

Sunday,  24-Nov. 8.2km

No running on Saurday as I went to the wedding of David and Cathy, two of the runners from the barefoot running group, and no, they didn't get married barefoot.
I had a couple of glasses of wine and it really knocks me out these days. I think maybe going alcohol free might be good after all.
My lake run was shared with the triathletes today. I parked my car well out of the way as there were lots of traffic restrictions around the place. I didn't time myself or keep a watch on the heart rate. The tendon on my right leg is still irritating me. I'm not sure what strategy to try and ease it off.
I must have run fairly hard as my T-shirt was soaked in sweat by the time I got around. I didn't manage to overtake any of the triathletes in our shourt coming together along the lakefront.


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