Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cold and rainy days

Distance 29.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 4750.5km] Week29

Wednesday, 17-July. 10.5km

I had some company on my run tonight in the form of Jeffery Tan and his daughte. They have been barefoot running for a while now but have not managed to make it to any of the group runs so I said I would go for a run at any time that was convenient.
We had a mild day today but this was going to change before weekend as a cold weather system moves across the state. I met Jeff at Henley beach and we ran towards West Beach then back up to Grange and back once more. It was starting to get quite cool in the last part of run as we made our way up and down the beach. It was good to have some company for once.
I was still a little stiff from the gym workout I had on Sunday where I did some leg exercises. I'm going to continue doing upper legs but leave the calves as they get enough of a workout from the running.

Saturday, 20-July. 10.5km

The cold winter weather certainly arrived yesterday and overnight. I was in two minds about whether to run of just stay in the comfort of indoors. The sun started to come out so that made up my mind, I could get a short run in. There was a strong cold wind blowing from the west south west direction and lots of dark clouds scurrying across the sky. I managed to run and avoid the rain but did come across spots where the rain had only just stopped. I wore extra warm clothing, two t-shirts and a long sleeved top along with compression leggings and short. My feet got a bit chilly but then started to feel warmer. It was a feeling like I used to get when I was young and threw snowballs during the winter, at first it was cold then the blood rushes to your hands (feet) to warm you up. I ran into the wind on the way out and had it almost behind me on the way back.

Sunday, 21-July. 8.2km

A cold night with plenty of rain showers. Thankfully it's a Sunday so I can say in the warmth for longer than on a weekday.
After a gym workout at 9.00am where I did quite a few leg exercises I made my way to the lake at 10:30am.
Jeff didn't turn up this time so I assume he didn't rread his email. I decided to try something he mentioned while running on Wednesday, nose breathing. Most of us, when we run get the oxygen into our lungs through our mouths but I have heard that you can regulate the aerobic pace you run at by breathing through your nose and keeping your mouth shut. I shall have to do more research into any benefits of this. I managed it all the way around on my run and did feel quite relaxed. It does feel a little strange in that you feel you should open your mouth like all the other runners you pass. While at the gym I was watching a girl on the treadmill running at a fast pace and she was only breathing through her nose and it made her running look effortless and easy. How I want my running to look in the end.
The wet pavements had dried out by the time I came to run around the lake. I must have acclimatised to the cold surfaces now as it doesn't seem to bother me any more. I ran untimed today.


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