Sunday, June 30, 2013

Holiday running

Distance 33.3km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 4663.6km] Week26

Tuesday, 18-Jun. 6.6km

My first barefoot run in Spain and I decided to explore the resort village of Cala En Blanes where we would be staying for the week. I set off at around 7.30am in the cool morning. I carried a map and an idea of where I would be running. The only people out at that time of the morning were the Spanish themselves, on their way to work or school, the other nationalities would most likely still be in bed recoving from late nights.

I ran into each area of the resort doing a loop if possibe. The pavements were tiled with a square cross patterned tile that was quite hard to run on after a while due to its deep groove that made up the square. It was easier to run on the road. Running around like this was a good way to get your bearings and to see areas that you would not see while out with a group.

This area is not big on beaches, all they have is small inlets with a tiny beach at the end, the Spanish word Cala means Creek which is what these inlets would be during the wetter weather.

The place was made up of mainly apartments and holiday villas along with the eating places and supermarkets that serve them, in other words, purpose built for the tourist.

My first barefoot run covered 6.6km

Thursday, 20-June. 7.6km

Now this was a far more pleasant run, it took me along the quiet road from Cala En Blanes to Ciutadella with some beautiful views of tiny inlets with houses dotted around the edge.

The road was a one way that allowed traffic out of Ciutadella, alongside was a two way cycle path which I used as my running lane as it was more uniform to run on rather than the patterned footpath. I passed early morning walkers and a couple of runners during the run, remembering to use Olah rather then hi as a greeting. I completed the run in around 40 minutes which I wasn't timing, just estimating.

Saturday, 22-June. 7.6km

A repeat run of thursday but this time with some company. A coincidence in that the family of an old friend of mine was staying in the same holiday town. I ran with one of his sisters sons who was around 19 and training to be a soccer player for on of the big English teams. He mentioned he was keen on running so I said I'd meet up and do the run into Ciutadella. Running with company and chatting makes the run zoom by. I guess also, having done the run once you know the route and all the landmarks. He was amazed how I could run without shoes at the same pace as him, not that we were racing as it was at a chatting pace.

Tuesday, 25-June. 11.5km

Back in England and on my last run of my trip. I ran with Graham and he let me take the lead and route to run on. I chose the river to run along then up along a neglected path into Woodley before climbing up into Greave.
I was running in the VFF's and now my barefoot running is so good I can switch into the shoes and not get a problem but I also have the stamina to keep on going. It was Graham that ended up asking if we were on our way back yet. I put in a good burst along the old railway track that has been turned into a walking track.


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