Sunday, May 19, 2013

Easy week

Distance 28.2km [total: minimalist 285.6km: Barefoot 4595.5km] Week20

Monday, 13-May. 10km

Our cool wintery change came in yesterday, plenty of dark clouds and rain heading in from the west. As everyone says though, I guess we need it.
This morning the rain beat down but then the sun would shine and some warmth came back for a short while.
Rather than take the easy option and relax I got my shorts and t-shirt on and headed out for my run. As I drove towards the bach I could see the bruised looking sky up ahead. I parked up near the sailing club and when I started running the pavement was dry but within a kilometres the rain was coming down and wind blowing. Now I was already soaked I may as well carry on. The feet don't seem to get that cold these days when I run, my main worry is the sometimes slippery surfaces when wet.The really smooth brick and concrete can be slippery when you get a film of water and your foot rides on the top.
I passed yet another barefoot runner, a young guy wearing footy gear, running just near the river outlet, he looked a bit knackered actually, probably wondering what he was doing in this awful weather with no shoes on. I put on a decent pace despite the conditions and did around 57 minutes for the 10km.

Thursday, 16-May. 10km

As the darkness is encroaching more on the late afternoon I only have around 30 minutes of sunlight before dusk arrives. I just about got halfway through my run when the sun set over the sea. There was a chilly south westerly wind blowing. It felt better to have it behind me on the way back. There is still work on the new pathway along the road going on and so lots of gravel and loose stones over the concrete which is hard to see in the dark. I have to just keep relaxed and light when I run over it. The dark afternoons have cut the number of runners down, any later finishers from work will find it less appealing to go running once darkness has arrived and it's cold.
Only a few weeks and I'll be running in the daylight again if not better weather.

Sunday, 19-May. 8.2km

Not many kilometres covered this week due to other commitments such as going out for drinks on Friday and going to the zoo on saturday. Today was supposed to be the warmest of the days of the week but so far it has not lived up to expectations. I did a loop of the lake which is my usual Sunday outing, all went well, a good pace but no sprints at the end, I'll leave that till spring. The activity that is usually present on and around the lake has tapered off for the winter, a few rowers out there but that was all. I remember back to when I first started running without shoes and how cold I felt during the winter months, I must have acclimatised now as my feet seem to be able to cope without problems. In a couple of weeks I should be enjoying my first run in England for a few years.

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