Sunday, November 11, 2012

Slight improvement

Distance 11.7km [total: minimalist 285.6km: Barefoot 3930.2km] Week44

Saturday, 10-Nov. 3.5km

A tryout day on my calf to see if it is progressing. I've not run all week and I was still getting some soreness during the week, Friday felt ok though. I headed to the beach, no heart rate monitor or worrying about time, just see what distance I can cover without the pain returning. I ran at a slow relaxed pace and the calf was fine the knot didn't rear its head. This has been the second week of layoff and calf injuries usually take 2-3 weeks to fix. I expect next week to be a low distance week as well.

Sunday, 11-Nov. 8.2km

John arranged to meet up for a run on the Sunday and as he was keep to go I ran a bit further than I should have. It was a warm and windy day, the strong north wind signalling that a change was on the way. We were running into the wind on the way out and with it behind us on the way back, the best way to do it. I was running at a faster pace than yesterday and this brought the calf knot out from its slumber to complain. I stayed as relaxed as I could and it didn't get any worse, in fact it almost felt better, but that was my warmed up state. We ran the 8.2km route John had a GPS and that confirmed that it was in fact 8.2km, my Google distance measurement was accurate. We covered the distance in 48 minutes, I am usually 5 minutes faster. My calf stiffened up after the short drive to the gym where I had a rather lackluster workout.
So, another week of resting before trying again.


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