Sunday, May 6, 2012

Return of the cold feet

Distance 49.5km [total: minimalist 269.6km: Barefoot 2724.4km] Week 18

Monday, 30-Apr. 7km

A nice evening, what little there is by the time I get out for my run. The sun is setting at around 5.30pm so I have around 50 minutes of light.

Thursday, 3-May. 10km

A cold windy day, not much of an inspiration to get out for a run, but as I have another 5 months of winter to come I better get used to it. Not that winter is much of an ordeal over here in Adelaide, we don't get deep snow or blizzards or many days where the temperature stays below 10C during the day, what am I complaining about. I ran mainly on the footpaths but did the last 600m on the beach where I really opened up and got some good speed in, or at least it felt that way, it feels like you are running faster when it is dark.

Friday, 4-May. 10km

Not the best of runs this evening, my tendons were a bit achy, maybe because of the sprinting yesterday, I'd describe the run as workman like rather than fun or inspirational. I thought I was going to get a soaking from the black rain clouds that loomed up in front of me. In my mind I said that I would run until I hit the rain then turn around, the wind would be behind me at that point and compensate for being wet. As it turned out the rain was further south than I thought, maybe another 2km from where I turned around. As I was approaching the halfway point the sun was setting in the west and the rays created a couple a beautiful rainbows in the direction I was running. On the way back I picked up the beach just after I crossed the river. As I wasn't feeling very springy this evening I opted for a softer surface, it was better but still the legs felt stiff. I was glad to get back in the car and turn on the heating to warm my feet up as I drove back home in the dark.

Saturday, 5-May. 18.5km

A bit more life in my legs today although the cool mornings make the muscles stiffer. It was about 12.5C when I hit the beach for my long run. I took it nice and easy and I don't think my heart rate went much over 130 for the entire run. I'm going to have to start dressing more for the winter conditions, get the leggings back on again to keep the wind from chilling me down. There was plenty of sun about and a low tide, if it was 10C warmer it would have been perfect. As it was it took me around 5km to get warm, my feet stayed cold as the sand is cold underfoot. It got gradually warmer as I got to the end of the run. I was feeling a bit tired in the last km and needed a drink and some food.

Sunday, 6-May. 4km

Chris, Jenny & David on IBRD 2012

Neil, Chris, Jenny & David on IBRD 2012
International Barefoot Running Day or IBRD for short. Would anyone turn up? At least the rain held off and it was a reasonable temperature. It seems like people are a little conservative here in S.A for barefoot running. The newsletter put out by SARRC that included a piece on IBRD didn't elicit one response. You would think that of 500+people who read the newsletter that there would have been a few inquiries. I got to the meeting point at 10am, there were plenty of people milling around, quite a few looking like they were about to go for a run, with no shoes. But when I approached they were all there for something else. The first to turn up was David, a runner who participated last year, next a new face with Jenny who had been running barefoot off and on for 18 months and finally a friend of mine Chris, that was it. We chatted for a while then when it was apparent that no more would be joining use the pioneering four set off and a nice easy talking pace. We all made it along the path to the next jetty, a 2km distance then we did a beach run back. We then retired to the beach cafe for a coffee and chat about running and tips that might help our progress.


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