Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last of the warm weather?

Distance 51.2km [total: minimalist 269.6km: Barefoot 2566km] Week 15

Monday, 9-Apr. 7km

A bit chilly on the beach today on this holiday Monday. There was some nice flat sand to do run on so I could get some speed up. I ran into a headwind on the was down and recorded a time of xxx. I then ran lightly (I'm using the words ran lightly as opposed to jogged in the spirit of Ken Bob and his differentiation of Jogging and Running) to the river and back to the jetty where I started the stopwatch again. Now with a tailwind I recorded 9m 38S

Wednesday, 11-Apr. 8km

A run along the river on this beautiful Autumn evening. My feet were a bit sensitive today and I didn't feel as fluid in my running due to keeping an eye out for the hard seeds dropped by the trees. It was made more difficult due to the low angle of the sun which shone right in my eyes and threw shadows over the ground in front of me so I couldn't see where my feet were going to land. It was a bit better running back along the other side of the river, the sun was now over my left shoulder, at least I could see the ground now, I felt a bit more relaxed

Thursday, 12-Apr. 6km

A short road run after work before sunset. The warmth was just beginning to fade out of the day. I did a light run for the first 1.5km then sped up for the remaining 4.5km in the hope of catching up a friend of mine who was running. The handicap was too great though and there was no way I would catch up, but it did the trick in getting me to run faster.

Friday, 13-Apr. 4km

Umm, this was just not meant to be a running day. I was probably out here on the beach more out of obligation, I was ignoring my body! The tide was in so I was running on soft sand. I gave up the idea of doing some faster interval sessions. I started as usual, lightly running up to one jetty before turning around to run to the other. I got to the other jetty but didn't feel all that good, felt a bit shaky in the legs. I continued on for another km then called it a day and turned around and walked back. Very strange, I may have been suffering a bit of dehydration as I had been out in the sun and in a hot car as well as drinking a beer at lunchtime.

Saturday, 14-Apr. 18.5km

A bit of a slow start today, my feet have been a bit sore over the last few days, filing away a callus on my big toe probably didn't help. It was a beach run with a few kilometres of bitumen/concrete and another few kilometres of grass. I took it nice and easy on the outbound section as I'd only finished my breakfast about 45 minutes earlier and it all felt less that settled. I started to regain my rhythm coming back, and found the concrete by far the best surface to run on. I felt pretty shot by the last km and it takes a bit of will power to keep the legs moving. How could I possibly run a marathon? Maybe I need to see if I can break the 20km barrier as a shorter term goal.

Sunday, 15-Apr. 7.7km

Another perfect morning as I head out to the lake for my morning loop. It felt quite warm already so I took frequent gulps of water while driving to the lake. The legs felt great on the run and I really got a good sprint in on the last km along my now favourite concrete pavement. I pushed harder and harder and it was my lungs that were the limiting factor, the feet were touching the concrete at speed but what felt like hardly any force. I sat on the grass under the shade of a palm tree after getting back, enjoying the buzz of the endorphins. After cooling off I did a brief gym session. The gym was fairly empty at 11am, the early morning rush must have ended. I did some legs, arms and sit ups, nothing too strenuous.


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