Sunday, February 26, 2012

Facebook page up and running

Distance 39km [total: minimalist 264.6km: Barefoot 2287.1km] Week 8

Tuesday, 21-Feb. 9.5km
I managed to squeeze a run in before going out for the evening to the cinema, the film was starting at 7.20pm so that would give me enough time to get a few kilometres in. The sea breeze was blowing strongly from the south as usual. I ran on the pavement which was warm underfoot but not hot. Running into the wind was hard, to then turn around and have it blow me back to the start point was a relief but it did have a drawback. Despite trying to keep my heart rate at around 135 it was closer to 150 at times and the speed I was running back caused a blister on my left foot. They were also getting sore by the last km. I need to run slower to stop this happening.
I've finally got the Australian BRS Facebook webpage up and running now all I need are a few people to find out about it. I can start by posting a link to it here. It's heating up towards the end of the week so running will get a little more challenging.

Thursday, 23-Feb 7.5km
Time to have a go at a faster run between the jetties. In ideal conditions I have timed around 9m50s. Today wasn't ideal, the beach was very uneven and soft and the tide was on its way in, no flat sand in sight. I managed a 11m 11s, it felt quite warm as well, warmer than it has been over the last few weeks. So the run tonight consisted on a 0.5km warm-up, 2km fast, 3km easy, 2km fast. For the first time this summer I had a swim in the sea after my run, it felt very refreshing. I noticed that while doing the crawl I didn't have the out of breath feeling I used to get when I'd start up my swimming. I put this down to an increase in my aerobic fitness from the running. A good enjoyable run today, maybe my momentum is coming back.

Saturday, 25-Feb. 15km
A warm night, the temperature stayed in the low 20's and increased rapidly as dawn approached. I had an early breakfast so I could get out for my run early but I dozed off again, waking just before 8am. I wasn't in a hurry to get to the beach this morning as the high tide was at 7am and I'd have only soft sand to run on. I got to the beach at 8.30am and the temperature was now 32C. Today would be a test of efficiency over speed, just keep a consistent moderate pace and try not to blow up. I did quite well on the outbound leg, running into the hot north wind blowing off the desert, it took me a longer 49minutes but the terrain was tougher. Running back on the road and grass was easier as the surface was much more predictable. I was starting to dehydrate as the temp crept up to 34C, my mouth was dry and I had no moisture to swallow. I made it back to the jetty at Grange after covering 15km, I raced to the top and drank and drank and drank, water never tasted so good. I waited for a while under the jetty to see if I had the will power to run another 3km, I didn't, as it now hit 35C (95F). I have been drinking water and electrolyte ever since.

Sunday, 26-Feb. 7km
A warm night once again, the temperature stayed up at around 29C for most of the night. I felt a bit more drained when I got up today. I still managed to do a 7km lap of the lake in the heat. There was some cloud cover which helped keep the intense sun off me. The feet coped, they were not as sore as last week even though I managed to add a couple more small blisters to the collection.
A lacklustre gym session followed the run which ended with a slight twinge in the back. I might have to give this gym game away, I'm not getting much in the way of positive benefits at the moment.


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