Saturday, January 22, 2011

Into the zone

Distance 23.5km [total: minimalist 132km: Barefoot 885.4km] Week 4

Wednesday, 19-Jan. 7.5km
After giving the feet a rest for 4 days I was itching to get out for a run again.
To be gentle on my feet I made it purely a beach run today.
Temperature a nice 28C, the tide was on it's way in but there was still enough dry sand that had an unbroken crust on to make running good without being to difficult.

I tried to keep up a good pace over a few stretches of the run. I need to get some more speed training under my belt ready for the Henley Beach Bash in March.
I checked the tidal heights from the Adelaide weather website and it looks like the March run date has a very similar set-up to last year in that the tide will be be high and just turned, that could mean lots of soggy running shoes again hee hee hee.

Todays run didn't cause any damage to the blisters which are now drying out and will in a few weeks peel off. Lets see if I can keep the feet intact after that

Saturday, 22-Jan. 12km
My hair was turning into an unruly mess on top of my head, an indication that a visit to the barber was needed.
It felt much better to have half of it removed and as we are in the hottest part of the year it keeps the head so much cooler.
As I was still letting the feet repair from the walk from a few weeks ago on the hot pavement where I got the blisters I made the run an all beach affair today.

Parking the car on the Esplanade at the the top end of Grange Road the beach looked very inviting, low tide, blue sky, very gentle southerly breeze.
I set off running about 0.5km before the Grange Jetty with the intention of running up to the Esplanade at Semaphore. I didn't want to be out too long as I would be in the maximum UV time of day.
The run was just perfect today, felt fast and effortless almost like a dream watching the scenery go by. I must have been in the zone, the feet and legs were working in supreme cooperation as I padded along the soft sand, no aches or pains just running as humans were meant to run.
I could have extended the run to the Semaphore jetty but was a bit concerned the extra time out in the sun might burn me.
After filling up on water at a tap just off the beach I headed back and this time increased my speed. The feet were fine, no flare ups of the old blisters just a nice sanding down.

Making this transition to a new style of running has paid off, with the use of the forums on the internet to hook up with like minded people it made the whole think much more possible than if you had to tackle it alone.
Its great to see so many others starting out on this same adventure, discovering the same pitfalls and pains then coming out the other side healthier and fitter and with an expanded knowledge of how their body works before being lead astray by commercial interests.

Sunday, 23-Jan. 4km
Time to do a short distance run but get the tempo a bit faster if I can.
I drove to Henley Square at 7.45am to see if any of the small running group I hooked up with a year ago are still running at that time.
I waited around until after 8am and no familiar faces turned up so I guess they have had a break for now.
The tide was just on the turn when I got onto the beach. The high tide mark had been left and now there was around 2-3 metres of wet sand to run on.
I ran one direction in the soft sand to give the ankles a workout, it was tough but worthwhile.
After a rest at the other end I ran back on the flat wet sand trying to avoid the many people walking dogs, it was like an obstacle course.
The run felt really good, I had a great spring in my step, it just felt like this was how running was meant to be.
I managed the 2km distance in about 10:14, I may have cracked the 10m if there were less obstructions.

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