Sunday, July 4, 2010

Two good runs

Distance 15km [total: minimalist 112km: Barefoot 436km]

Weekend here again.
I didn't get to do my usual run on the Friday as I had to get a tooth fixed during the afternoon.
I'm not sure if a run after that would have helped wear the anaesthetic off quicker or not.
Saturday morning took me a bit of a while to get going, I'm not good on these cold mornings.
The temperature had been down to 3C overnight. As I usually run in the mornings on the Saturday the sand would have been very cold today so I put the Vibrams on for the run today.
The tide was out and the sun was shining but not offering much warmth to the ground, it would take a full day of sun to warm the sand enough to run on.
I ran 8km today, some stats from my heart rate watch, average rate was 139 bpm through the run with a max of 161, that is getting up to the high end. Total calories burned 705kcal.

Sunday: I've not been turning up for the early morning beach run as at 8am it is really cold, probably about 8C.
A slow start, I only spring out of bed in the summer.
I did a session at the gym which included some balancing.
At 3.45pm I went out for a run, no shoes this time as the sand would have had chance to warm up.
This time I covered 7km, again average heart rate of 139 bpm topping out at 151 bpm.
Had slight stiffness in left calf but it came to nothing. 552 kcal burned.
Keeping the knees well bent ensures that you can't stretch your stride out too much.
I got into the zone where I had a good leg turnover or over 180 per minute. I want to practice getting that speed up higher over longer distances.
I feel I am getting a good compact running form now and just have to work on the stamina.
I'll rest now for a couple of days before getting out on the road again.


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